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Change is difficult but possible; it requires courage to recognize it is needed and hope for the strength to pursue it.


Therapy requires trust to be effective. Our relationship and teamwork together can create effective growth for you.


You are not alone! Donna wants to join your journey and is motivated by compassion to pursue this line of work.

Professional Counseling Services in Savannah, Georgia. 100% Confidential.


Small Business Consultation
Work-Life Coaching

Everyone deserves to be happy, but for some, personal issues become an obstacle. This requires one to seek outside help in developing new approaches to find harmony within, and also with family, friends, colleagues, and/or school peers. Donna has been helping people of all ages in both private practices (since 2001), and longer as a licensed clinical social worker [in multiple settings] serving children, adolescents, and families. Find out more about Donna, or review the services.

Bill strategizes with clients to maximize their small business potential, and he works as a work-life coach to help clients identify and find the courage to make difficult work-life decisions.  After an initial free consultation, Bill can also provide telephonic, virtual, and face-to-face visits during your lunch break or after hours to support your problem-solving at work.

Donna, M. Hammontree

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor

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Psychoterapist award 2022

Billy Gregory Hammontree
(Accredited Small Business Consultant)