Messages from Nature

When I am able to get to the shore, like most others, I use the time to reflect on life, philosophize, and find peace of heart and mind. I also listen for the messages from nature that I can incorporate into my life.

The North Carolina Outer Banks this October offered a mixture of beautiful stormy and warm lazy days. I walked along the Atlantic and focused on hearing the water’s lyrics. I thought of international and national problems. Then I reflected on my family. Health. Life’s work. The meaning of it all. Struggling with the ocean’s message for my daily existence.

Not too long ago I was riding my bicycle up a tree-lined road trying to learn from the shady trees and the morning. How should I be? What was the message from the tall, leafy trees?

I frequently use an example with clients. One day I ran down a coastal road outside of Savannah where I passed a blue heron standing in a pond to my right. The heron saw me but did not flinch. Then a yappy white dog darted from a yard and began nipping my ankles. I got all entangled emotionally with the dog until I realized I could behave like the blue heron. I calmed myself, relinquished my emotional connection with the dog, and kept my pace. The dog lost interest in chasing me, and the heron and I continued calmly with our lives.

Nature, living or still, is wise.

At the shore I finally heard it. Each wave sang clearly. “Life is bigger than you are. Many problems and situations are beyond your control. Let go sometimes. Let go today.” Each wave peaked to a crescent….”REEEEEEE…….” Then the wave started its roll…”Laaaa…..” And finally….”xxxxxxxxxx…..” Reeeelllllaaaaxxxxx!

Relax! Enjoy your day!