Strengthening Weaknesses

We all have strengths that we strive to hone, but what do we do if or when we cannot depend upon our strengths and have to use our weaker sides? There are ways of strengthening our weaknesses.

Nicole Brancato is a brilliant, right-handed classical pianist, who lives and plays in New York City. When she was getting her undergraduate degree in piano, she strained her right hand. Almost devastated by her misfortune, she persevered and used her determination to continue her studies playing solely with her weaker left hand. Then again in 2013 she fell and broke her right hand just before starting her Master’s degree in piano performance and education at Hunter College. Rather than falling into despair, she again rose to the demands of playing for a while with her less dominant hand. Her impressive performance of a left-handed composition by Bartok Tanulmany Balkezre can be seen on YouTube HERE.

Strengthening Weaknesses

Extroverts get energy from being around people; gregarious, they often strive to build social networks, polish their listening skills, and master remembering people’s names. In times of an isolating and lengthy illness, an extrovert can be sad and lonely; or, the person can possibly learn to draw energy from being still, alone, and reflective without sharing his/her thoughts and feelings with others.

If one is typically more cognitive and intellectual, it may be difficult to let oneself be emotional and feeling; but practicing doing so may be beneficial in relationships. And, the emotional may benefit from stepping aside and thinking and perceiving situations more rationally before speaking or acting.

The lethargic may want to be more active. The cautious, more spontaneous. The controlling, more passive. The serious, more fun. The totally busy, more relaxed.

Increasing one’s resiliency and overall effectiveness by transforming a weakness involves purposeful focus, practice, study, and willpower. Attainment of the goal does not come hastily but can come by observing others, reading, reflecting, and preparing before opportunities to “perform!”

Nicole says her left hand is now stronger — after acting twice as her dominant hand — as is her overall piano performance, since her left hand now works more collaboratively with her right.

If we strengthen the weaker parts of ourselves, we can become more flexible and stronger as persons.

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How can you let your strengths rest while you develop your less dominant side?

Nicole is also my sweet and smart and beautiful daughter-in-law! You can also watch Nicole perform with both hands on her Youtube Channel HERE.