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Donna Hammontree LCSW Wins Psychotherapist Award

We are happy to announce that Donna Hammontree LCSW  wins psychotherapist award 2022 in Savannah, Georgia, She was selected from a list of candidates in her given area of practice, and emerged as the winner.

Winning the 2022 Savannah Awards 2022 in the category of Psychotherapist is a great achievement, and very much appreciated. Notice to other winners in Savannah is happening over the next few weeks, with the entire list eventually being added to the award companies’ websites.

Donna Hammontree LCSW Wins Psychotherapist Award

Having learned that her practice had won, Donna noted that:

Well, of course I’m thrilled that our work has been singled out and recognised, but for me it’s more about the help we provide than it is about the awards we win.” 


Emotional Bingo for Children

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Simple Goodness

I love New York City trains. Riding the subway is always on my “to do list” when I visit the city. The people are amazing. Going about their personal business, passengers see people around them without being intrusive. While the locals mind their own business, I never have difficulty finding someone to help me get on the train I should really be on.

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