Creepy Dolls in the Playroom

When you think of Chuckie, Jason or Freddie Krueger, they are not the obvious dolls you’d think of to help children in therapy. When Gary Yorke, PhD, recommended  creepy dolls in the playroom as good resources I was skeptical, but bought 3.

People ask me often, why do you have these? There are many reasons, which I elaborate on in an article I wrote for the My Play Therapy Blog, including:

  • To communicate anger
  • To communicate that a person has scared the child
  • To express identification with, ventilate about, or gain control over one’s own creepiness
  • To express identification with the oppositional and defiant nature of the dolls
  • To gain control of one’s anxieties and unrealistic fears
  • To communicate low self-esteem, worthlessness, guilt, and;
  • To express whatever the child needs to vent about

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